Dinner With Me

Heal your spine with exercise!

Surely you've heard the old saying, "you are as old as your spine".  If you've ever experienced back or neck pain you can certainly attest to the fact that you feel "old" when your spine hurts.  But, did you also know that Cerebral Spinal Fluid surrounds your spinal cord and nourishes all of your nerves?!  Come join me for a free dinner and learn how you can use the ELDOA™ Method to heal your own spine, nerves, and organs.  I will explain to you what an ELDOA™ is and how you can modify each exercise to your specific needs.  You will learn how a 1 minute exercise, once per day can make permanent changes in you spine.  You will learn how the health of your spine determines the health of all of your organs. I am looking for 20 self motivated people in the South Metro Denver area who want to learn a simple exercise modality to improve their spinal and systemic health to take 2 hours to join me for a free dinner at Hodsons Bar and Restaurant to learn about the ELODA™ Method.  Please forward this to ANYONE who needs help managing their pain.  Thank you!


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When And Where
From October 3, 2019 - 06:00 PM To 8:00 PM MDT
6851 S. Gaylord St. #262 Centennial 80122 United States