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Becasue spinal fusions are on the rise and they are rarely beneficial!

Over the last decade I have witness countless spinal fusion victims.  You may feel that victims is a bit harsh, but when you watch people get worse after surgery and have a drug addiction as many times as I have you may change your opinion.  Since you may not be privy to a daily dose of surgical reality, here is an article showing the ineffectiveness of spinal fusions.

In case you didn't click and read the article here are the highlights:

1.    Treatment costs for back pain in Australia total almost A$5 billion every year. A great proportion of this is spent on spinal surgical procedures. Recently, Choosing Wisely, the campaign to educate medical professionals and the public about tests, treatments and procedures that have little benefit, or lead to harm, added spinal fusion for lower back pain to its list.

2.    Randomized trials (regarded as studies providing the highest-quality evidence) suggest spinal fusion has little advantage over a well-structured rehabilitation program, or psychological interventions, for back pain.

3.    For instance, spinal fusion rates in the United States are eight times those in the United Kingdom.

4.    Around one in five patients who undergo spine fusion will have revision surgery within ten years.  (This does not include additional surgeries to the rest of the spine).

5.    Research also shows most patients having spine fusion surgery under workers’ compensation won’t return to the usual job, will still be having physiotherapy and be on opioid medication two years after surgery.

So who is to blame?  Is it greedy surgeons looking for their next paycheck?  Is it the ruthless pharmaceutical opioid dealers looking for the next customer? Is it the lazy patient who would rather be treated them treat themselves?  The short answer is….YES.  All of the above!  

It is my opinion that the burden falls on the consumer as you are responsible for you own health!  It is your responsibility to get a second, third, fourth opinion to search for a conservative surgeon.  It is your responsibility to research the side effects of long term opiate use.  It is your responsibility to seek out a qualified therapist to help you change your posture and lifestyle in order to heal and avoid any future surgeries.

To help you on your way to taking control of the your life here are some tips:

  1. Drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of high quality water daily.
  2. Perform Myofascia stretches and ELDOA daily.
  3. Get plenty of sunlight.
  4. Get 8 hours of sleep daily.
  5. Meditate for 20-60 minutes daily.
  6. Start and maintain relationships that are positive and mutually beneficial.  

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You are responsible for your own health,

TJ Pierce

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